Newsletter Nº 92 – Christmas 2011

Friends of Fátima

Thank You!
In loving gratitude a Novena of Masses and prayers will be offered for all of our Friends of Fatima from December 16-24. There is no greater gift we can offer in thanksgiving for you. Without God’s Providence manifested through the generosity of all of our kind benefactors we could not continue to serve God in this small garden of prayer, praise and hope for you and the whole Church.
With loving assurance of our prayers at Christmas and throughout the New Year, we entrust all your needs and intentions
to MARY, Mother of
We wish you a
Most Holy Christmas
blessed with Faith, Hope and Love!
Mother Prioress and Community

“Where God is there is a future.”

These words formed the theme of Pope Benedict XVI’s recent visit to his native Germany, a land like many others that has experienced a certain desertification of the true Faith due to the spread of atheistic materialism. With this theme the Holy Father speaks to the whole world assuring those who believe in God that there is every reason to hope even in a broken and seemingly God-forgotten world. To those who do not yet believe he offers a challenge, a call to believe and then, in faith, to begin to hope again.
In St. Matthew’s Gospel we read of the dream of St. Joseph in which the Angel of God tells him of the Child whom Mary is carrying. And then St. Matthew says: “All of this took place in order to fulfill the words spoken by the Lord through the prophet: The virgin shall conceive and give birth to a son and they shall call him Emmanuel, a name which means ‘God-is-with-us’ (Mt1:22-23).Yes, God is always with us. If we wander, He is still there. If we come close to Him, He will come closer to us. Where God is there is a future-
there is hope!

Sun Halo Occurs May 13th in Fatima 
As we know on May 1st in Rome a great celebration occurred. Pope John Paul II was beatified by our beloved Pope Benedict XVI. It was the first day of the month of Our Lady, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker and Divine Mercy Sunday. The whole Catholic faithful experienced the joy and the hope which this beatification offered. Here in Fatima, the Sanctuary dedicated the solemn Mass and ceremonies on the 13th May in honor of Bl. Pope John Paul II who had visited Fatima on three occasions as Pope: 13th May 1982, 1991 and 2000. This 13th also marked the 30th anniversary of the attempt on his life in St. Peter’s Sqaure. He is the Pope of Fatima!

The main celebrant was Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM from Boston (USA). As is the custom the procession carrying Our Lady’s image to the main altar of the esplanade began at 9:30 and Holy Mass followed immediately with Priests, Bishops and faithful present from around the world. The sun shone beautifully in the clear Fatima-blue skies. After Holy Communion, around 12 noon or so, while the Cardinal was honoring the memory of Bl. Pope John Paul II and the pilgrims were viewing various scenes of his visits to Fatima on giant screens placed in the square some pilgrims looked up and noticed that around the sun was a rainbow-like circle. All in the square and some from their homes nearby saw this solar phenomenon which lasted more than 2 hours.

Many wondered: What does this mean? Why did this happen at this time and in this place with a multitude of witnesses? But many also did not wonder…the Portuguese accepted this beautiful sign from Heaven as a reminder of God’s Presence among us, of His Love and Mercy. We know from history that as the Great War raged on across Europe, as millions of innocent soldiers and civilians alike died, here on the western seashore Heaven gave a sign of peace, a sign in the heavens precisely in the sun. Those interviewed after seeing this solar event this past May were simply grateful to God and marveled at his goodness. “He wants us to believe!” many exclaimed.

How prophetic are these words uttered in May, in light of the fact that the Holy Father in October declared a Year of Faith to be celebrated next year from Oct. 2012 Nov. 2013. God wants us to believe!

October 13th Archbishop of Moscow Presides

On October 13th the Solemn Mass and ceremonies were presided over by Archbishop Paolo Pezzi of Moscow. He declared that he came to Fatima to pray for the conversion of the world and also for personal conversion, something that we all stand in need of. Archbishop Pezzi preached on the 12th and 13th. Below we share a few of his words on the evening of the 12th.

“…we are pilgrims, too, because we are on our way to a goal: our home is in heaven ( Col 3:1-4 and 2 Cor: 5:1). We are walking towards the house of the Father. The Lord took hold of us in Baptism in order to insert us into a new people, His people, the people brought together by the power of His Spirit. And so we can walk secure, full of hope.
All this we can understand and live more easily, if we turn to look toward Mary. There’s nothing like looking at Mary, like being in her presence,
“Hail, Mary, you are the most precious creature in the whole world; hail, Mary, uncorrupt dove; hail, Mary, inextinguishable lamp; for from you was born the Sun of justice...through you, every faithful soul achieves salvation.”
Cyril of Alexandria, Homily 11 at Ephesus (A.D. 431).
which can regenerate in us the impetus to start over again, every day. And there’s nothing like looking to Mary, that can give us hope for our final fulfillment.
First of all, She gives us the strength to start again: because the Mother of God is the house, the home where historically everything began. Mary is the beginning, the dawn of everything. The first house in which the mystery of God found a home among men is Mary: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord” (Luke 1:38). In Mary, in her Fiat, God finds space to live, in order to become a companion on our way. Therefore, Mary is our hope. In Her God has already become all. And so, along the way, we find in Her courage, freshness, hope. As the Eastern liturgy of Christmas sings:

“What can we offer you,O Christ,
for on earth thou didst show yourself as man to us?
Each one of your creatures, in fact, brings you his own testimony of gratitude:
the angels offer you their hymn, the heavens the star,
the Magi their gifts, the shepherds wonder itself,
the earth a cave, the desert a manger.
We, however, a Virgin Mother. “

“…there was no room for them in the inn.” (Lk 2: 8)
A Christmas Reflection

By these words we understand from St. Luke that St. Joseph as head of the Holy Family had tried to find lodging in Bethlehem. The experience of being turned away when in great need touches the humble person to the depths of his being. The humiliation felt by Joseph at not being able to provide a proper place for Mary to give birth to the Son of God must have been profound. But, thankfully, that humiliation was matched by his humility and thus he did not despair.

Fr. Gabriel, OCD in his book Divine Intimacy speaks of this moment in the life of Mary and Joseph: “In Bethlehem there is no room for them; they are obliged to take refuge in a hillside cave. The poverty of this refuge does not dismay or scandalize them. They know that the Child who is about to be born is the Son of God; but they also know that God’s works are entirely different from man’s! And if God wishes His greatest work to be accomplished here, in this wretched stable, in utter poverty, Mary and Joseph embrace His will! The least bit of human reasoning would be enough to confuse and disturb them, and arouse doubts. Mary and Joseph are extremely humble; hence, they are docile and filled with faith in God. And God, as is His custom, made use of what was humble and despicable in the eyes of the world to accomplish the greatest of His works: the Incarnation of the Word.”
At times we pray and try with good intention all the usual means of procuring help or other necessities only to be unsuccessful, at least apparently unsuccessful. Yet, for those who believe in the absolute and infinite loving Providence of God our Father even the lack of success has its divine reason. Just as there was an appointed time for the Birth of the Infant Saviour (Wis 18:14-15; Gal 4:4), there also was an appointed place foretold and recorded in Scripture (Mic 5:1-2; Lk 2: 4,7). Oh! Will of God You are our paradise!

Would things be different today?
Would the Holy Family find room in the inn today? Once again there seems little or no room for the Holy Family – the traditional Christian family – in the global inn of mankind. Today, in every part of the world in various ways many say: “Sorry, we have no room, no time for you here.” How do we make room for the Holy Family and for strong Christian family life again? Each family can begin by restoring family prayer and simplicity of life-style. There has to be a time for prayer together daily even if it is a brief period. The family Rosary used to be apart of every Catholic home. The prayer of the Rosary in families strengthens family bonds and draws down abundant graces needed to persevere in the Christian way of life. There are a growing number of families who are restoring this practice little by little and experiencing the benefits. Also, today there is a strong spirit of super-activism present in the world that jeopardizes the peace and stability of family life and relationships. There is strength in simplicity. The future of nations depends on the quality of Christian family life today. The Holy Family lived a simple life and in this found peace and happiness. Perhaps in your family you might pause together and reflect on how to keep or restore a more simple and united life-style.

At this Christmas we pray that Christ may be warmly and joyfully welcomed into the ‘inn’ of our hearts and our homes. Then, like the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the little manger of Bethlehem they will become more worthy thrones for the Infant Saviour - now and always!

  “Many, my beloved, are the true testimonies concerning Christ. The Father bears witness from heaven of His Son: the Holy Ghost bears witness, descending bodily in likeness of a dove: the Archangel Gabriel bears witness, bringing good tidings to Mary: the Virgin Mother of God [Theotokos] bears witness: the blessed place of the manger bears witness”
Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lectures, 10:19 (A.D. 350).  

  “A child shall lead them.”
(Is 11:6)

The life of the Servant of God Silvio Dissegna (1967-1979), though only 12 years was filled with grace. Most striking was his love and devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Rosary. In a short biography of his life we read: “At night he continued to say the Rosary out loud, meditating on each mystery. For months he lived the long nights in this way. Far and wide was a world of many healthy people who wasted their lives in foolish ways. And here was Silvio, a boy, alone at night, praying his Rosary in the light of a small lamp, repeating to Mary, the Mother of all: “…pray for us sinners; pray for us now and at the hour of our death.” To a friend of his family, who asked him for a few words about brotherhood among men, that might be broadcast over the local radio station, he said: “Please, I have nothing to say! A message sent over the radio is heard only in Italy; a Hail Mary from my room reaches the whole world.”
In his final agony after receiving Holy Communion he would repeat:
“Jesus, I believe that you love me... Jesus, I believe that you love me!”

Silvio had learned from his mother of the Little Shepherds of Fatima and he imitated the contemplative Bl. Francisco very closely in his Eucharistic and Rosary devotion. To learn more about the life of Silvio you may write to:
Don Lio de Angelis
Parish Church
La Lunga Hamlet
10046 Poirino (TO - ITALY) 

“Did You Know Jacinta?”


One day a Portuguese priest who was studying in Rome, met a very lively little Italian girl of nine in a store and started a conversation with her. When the child learned that the priest was from Portugal she was overjoyed and asked him:
“Father, did you know Jacinta?”
“No. I did not know her because she died many years ago.”
“Well I love Jacinta, who made many sacrifices as Our Lady asked,” the child explained.
“She was indeed a very good child, this shepherdess to whom Our Lady appeared in Fatima,” the priest remarked.
“And I also began making sacrifices for sinners, like Jacinta,” the child continued.
“When I go to school and it’s raining, I carry my umbrella closed and I say to Jesus: ‘My Jesus, convert as many sinners as the drops of water that fall on my head.’ But I don’t want my Mother to know,” confided the child softly as she pointed to her Mother, who was busy shopping some distance away.
What a beautiful example of generosity: The rain, against which everyone is so impatient and seeks shelter, was used as an occasion to make reparation to God and to convert sinners!
How many little insignificant crosses could we not make use of to help save sinners!
( This story was published in Voz de Fatima, Dec. 13, 1984, Nº 55)

  Bl. Francisco and the Eucharist  
  Homily of Bishop Alberto Cosme do Almaral 4 April 1984  

In his homily of 13 May 1982 the Holy Father declared here, in the Sanctuary of Fatima: «The evangelical call to repentance and conversion, uttered in the Mother’s message, remains ever relevant. It is still more relevant than it was sixty-five years ago. It is still more urgent.»

Now, the Message of Fatima is not limited to the words of Our Lady. The events of 1916 are contained in the Message, and likewise the exemplary life of the children, as are also the communications from Heaven to Sister Lucia later on, in Tuy and Pontevedra.

The Message of Fatima is a prophetic message, not only in the sense of actual divine appeals announced, but also in the sense of forewarning and anticipated remedies for future events.
This prophetic character of the Message can be found as well in regard to what is said concerning the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist. This aspect is especially significant in the prayer taught by the Angel: «Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit... I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferencewith which He Himself is offended.»

«Take and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Repair their crimes and console your God.»

Prophetically, this part of the Message has prepared us to defend ourselves from errors which, in the name of a false ecumenism have entered into the bosom of the Catholic Church itself. A wave of heresy, in theory and practice, has swept the Christian west and has reached even to us. And so the most inconceivable things have happened: that the consecrated hosts left over after Communion within the Holy Sacrifice have been disposed of - buried in the garden, put away in sacristy drawers; the lack of dignity, decorum and safety of our tabernacles; their position not infrequently gives the idea of something to be put away in a corner as an inconvenience and not as a friend whom we should cherish with the most tender love and gratitude...

Francisco was perhaps the most distinguished in his reparatory love of Jesus in the Eucharist. After receiving Communion from the hands of the Angel he said: «I felt that God was within me, but I did not know how!» Prostrate on the ground, he would remain a long time in prayer, repeating the prayer of the Angel...

You notice how the private thanksgiving has almost disappeared and how everyone rushes hurriedly away shortly after receiving Communion, while Jesus is still truly present within them, that is, for ten or fifteen minutes according to medical science. Individual thanksgiving is recommended by at least three documents of Holy Church: the encyclical ‘Misterium Fidei’ on the Holy Eucharist, the instruction ‘Eucharisticum Mysterium’ and the typical edition of the Roman Missal which also contains various texts for private thanksgiving...

With all my heart I beg priests to treat Him well in the least detail, however insignificant it might appear. Saint Teresa of Avila...was ready to give her life for the least gesture of the celebration of Holy Mass. Indeed, nothing is insignificant if the love is great. Are not the smallest deeds of great value if they are done with perfection and love.

To all I would say that the best we have should be given to the Lord, like the gold and the silver in the sacred vessels. I know that objections to this arise on all sides and in various ways. The Lord Himself has responded to them all. It was not better to sell the perfume and give the money to the poor. Yes, the best we have is for the Lord!

...May our life revolve always around Jesus, like the butterfly around the light. He is truly our Emmanuel - God with us. Like Francisco, let our love be centered on the Hidden Jesus, and if possible, let our Communion be daily, as Paul VI earnestly recommends in his Encyclical. I would say: let us make our life a continual Eucharist, offering it at every moment as a spiritual host pleasing to God in Jesus Christ...
(Source: Seers of Fatima May/August 1984 Vol 3-4 Published by the Vice Postulation for the Causes of Bl. Francisco and Jacinta)

Fatima and the Dominican Charism

As Dominican Nuns living in Fatima we realize more and more the profound relationship between the Dominican charism and the Message of Fatima. This relationship is evidenced in two ways.
First, there are the more visible signs of that relationship. For instance, in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary on the left of the main altar there stands a statue of St. Dominic, Founder of the Order of Preachers. Over the main entrance to this same Basilica and welcoming every pilgrim to Fatima, is the great marble statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary sculpted by Fr. Thomas McGlynn, OP (1906 - 1977) who was a member of St. Joseph’s Province (USA). In addition there are also memorial statues in honor Pope Pius XII and St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort, both professed Dominicans. Finally, there is the living presence of all branches of the Dominican spiritual family: Friars, Nuns, Sisters and laity present in their convents and homes around the Shrine.

The second dimension in the relationship between Fatima and the Order of Preachers is that connection rooted in the fundamental purpose of the Dominican Order: to preach the Truth of the Gospel (evangelization) for the salvation of souls. Along side this, Mary’s appeals for the prayer of the Holy Rosary form a strong link to the Order.

Evangelization and the Salvation of Souls

“If the Church has accepted the message of Fatima, it is above all because that message contains “a truth and a call” whose basic content is “the truth and the call of the Gospel” itself.” (Bl. Pope John Paul II 13 May 1982 Fatima)
In her book The Message of Fatima, Sr Lucia wrote: “The Message is the revelation of God present in the world in the midst of men and women, and in particular in each one of us. It is not something new…The Message is more a new light to shine in the midst of the darkness of atheism, so that this will not succeed in extinguishing the light of faith which still shines in the hearts of the elect so that they, by following this light, can encounter Christ Jesus…Thus, when the time, the year and the hour predestined by God came, He sent us His Heavenly Messenger, to this earth of which She was the Mistress, the Queen, the Mother and Patron in order to establish His altar in that place, and from there set out to evangelize the whole world,…”


The Soul and God
“It is far more our soul than our body which makes human beings of us. God has created nothing in his Likeness except the soul. God has created the soul not as just one other part of nature, but he has singled it out for Divine and noble purposes…When someone enquires after the size of the soul he should be told that Heaven and Earth cannot fill it, only God himself ‘Who cannot be confined by all the Heavens of Heaven’… the soul is nobler than all material things taken together.”
Meister Eckehart, OP


From the first apparition Our Lady asked the Little Shepherds if they were willing to “pray and sacrifice for poor sinners”. They said Yes, and thus were blessed with a desire for the salvation of souls making of them fervent young missionaries to the whole world though they never left their own terra! Bl. Jacinta in particular, after seeing the vision of hell repeated often with tears: “Poor sinners! We have to pray and make many sacrifices for them!”

St. Dominic we know, used to weep and pray: “Lord, what will become of poor sinners?” “The blessed Dominic had a great and burning thirst for the salvation of souls, for which he was an unequaled apostle. He gave himself to preaching with great fervor, and he exhorted and obliged his brothers to announce the Word of God by day and by night, in churches and in homes, in the fields and along the way in other words, in all places to speak only of God.” (As quoted in the Letter to the Order, Advent 2008)

The Holy Rosary

Throughout the history of the Dominican Order, the Rosary has been preached as a method of prayer, an instrument of evangelization and a means of personal and family sanctification. In times of crisis itinerant Dominican preachers have responded with great zeal praying and preaching the Rosary. Among many other Popes, Bl. Pope John Paul II recognized this: “The history of the Rosary shows how this prayer was used in particular by the Dominicans at a difficult time for the Church due to the spread of heresy.” (RVM No. 17)

For the Dominican, evangelization is closely associated with the Rosary since the Rosary is not only a compendium of the Gospel “it is a gospel in action: a popular evangelical program of faith, morals and Christian piety. It is, at the same time, a constant revelation of the Heart of Christ and of the Heart of His divine Mother. For the Rosary unceasingly proposes for the loving commemoration of souls the great accomplishments of Their love, which are the mysteries of the Redemption.Without a doubt this is the reason for Fatima, for Our Lady knows very well the theology of her Rosary and of her Heart.” (Fr. Marceliano Llameras, OP) Simply stated:“The Rosary is the Gospel with Mary!”

In summary we can say that Fatima is like the lamp of a lighthouse shining its strong beam directly on its object. In Fatima that light is the “inextinguishable lamp” of the Immaculate Heart of Mary shining with splendour on the Gospel of Her Divine Son bringing grace, mercy and hope eternal for all. St. Dominic’s “Marian devotion was inseparable from his apostolic zeal.” The light of Mary shone through Dominic making him a true light of Christ in the Church – Lumen Ecclesiae!

Fatima 1917 - 2017
Order of Preachers 1216 - 2016

From 1916 - 1917 the Dominican Order was celebrating its 7th Centenary of Foundation by St. Dominic de Guzman. In that same year of sober celebration, due to the Great War that made of Europe a field of suffering and sorrow, Heaven came down and visited three small unlettered children in the countryside of Portugal: an Angel of Peace (1916) followed by the Queen of Peace (1917) appeared. Now Dominicans all over the world are preparing for the 8th centenary in 2016. The Order has designated a yearly theme based on a scripture verse. For 2012 the theme is Dominican Women and Preaching based on “Go and tell my brothers…” Jn 20:17.

During his visit to Fatima in May 2010, Pope Benedict XVI referred to the Centenary of the Fatima Apparitions. He said: “May the seven years that separate us from the centenary of the Apparitions hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.” Shortly after this visit the Rector and staff at the Shrine began preparing a plan for the preparation of the first centenary. The theme for next year 2011 - 2012 is: “Do you wish to offer yourselves to God?”
Thus, Dominicans are united with the Shrine of Fatima on the path of prayer and reflection towards celebrating their respective centenaries.


News from Fatima

Maria Rosa Santos 50 Years of Loving Service

Fifty years ago, the revered chaplain of the Fatima Sanctuary, Fr Antonio Reis, introduced us to a very youthful Maria Rosa Santos, closely related to Maria da Capelinha, witness of the Apparitions and first guardian of the miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Maria Rosa, always discreet, generous and obliging began helping our Sisters who serve in the kitchen to prepare meals for the Community and for the many pilgrim guests who come to stay here. Over these 50 years she has proved herself a real treasure!
Maria Rosa has contributed significantly to the hospitality characteristic of monasteries: not only by her culinary talents but also helping to care for the altar and sacristy in our public Chapel. During these years she excelled in lacework and sewing and crochet resulting in exquisite altar cloths and linens, table cloths and beautiful arts and crafts. Maria Rosa is blessed with the charism of Martha and Mary, since she often remains in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on our altar, assists at daily Mass, Benediction and Rosary, and keeps
News from Fatima
Our Lady company in the Capelinha. We offer grateful prayers for this jewel among us for a golden five decades, and wish dear Maria Rosa many years of happy retirement. God bless you, Maria Rosa, thank you from our hearts, Muito Obrigada, Bem haja !

Dominican Pilgrimages in Fatima

In June a group of students from the Dominican college in Lisbon visited. They were well prepared with questions to ask the Nuns: Do you know what’s happening in the world? Do you ever regret your decision to enter the cloister? and many more. In August a group of American Dominicans visited. Fr. Austin Litke,OP came with Dominican Sisters and their group of 21 teenagers from Baltimore (USA). They were on their way to World Youth Day in Madrid. September brought the Portuguese and Italian annual national Dominican Rosary pilgrimages to Fatima. Also, in September a group of 40 young girls from St. Dominic’s School in Belfast, Northern Ireland came on pilgrimage. In October a group of 50 Portuguese Dominican Youth came for Holy Mass in our chapel with Fr. Carlos Furtado, OP. the new Prior.These young people were edifying in their behavior and their joy. Where God is there is a future!

Dear Rosarians,

Christmas Blessings!

We greet you with deep and prayerful gratitude for your fidelity to your Rosary Hour of Guard throughout this year. As you know the Perpetual Rosary Associates form a worldwide family at prayer day and night praying and meditating on the mysteries of Christ with Mary.
Let us recall Sr. Lucia’s description of September 13, 1917 when she saw the dense multitude of pilgrims of every station in life who came in faith to be present when Our Lady appeared. Sr. Lucia tells us that they cried out to the little shepherds “begging us to place their petitions before Our Lady...For the love of God, ask Our Lady... All the afflictions of poor humanity were assembled there…”
Today, all are conscious of the increase of hunger and homelessness across the world and the moral decline of vast societies has left in its wake souls broken and enslaved by sin. In such immense need to whom do we turn? Once again to Mary, Mother of Christ - Mother of Hope and our Mother! “...Pray the Rosary every day in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary… because only she can help you.”(July 13, 1917).
Recently, Pope Benedict XVI said: “As Christians, we are convinced that the most precious contribution we can make to the cause of peace is that of prayer.” (Homily Assisi Vigil Oct. 26 2011) Centuries before, in her Dialogue St. Catherine of Siena wrote: “Indeed, this soul remembered well what Truth had taught her: that she should always know herself and God’s goodness at work in her, and that the medicine by which He willed to heal the whole world and to soothe His wrath and divine justice was humble, constant, holy prayer.” (Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, Sr S. Noffke, OP ed. P. 57) The Perpetual Rosary is humble, constant, holy prayer that can help heal and restore peace to the spirit of man.

Dear Rosarians, as we begin a New Year of grace we are conscious that the Rosary is needed perhaps as never before. Making the world a better place begins with each one of us. At times it may help to pause and reflect on how or what difference the Rosary is making in my life. How does the Rosary help me to grow as a Christian? Do I find myself more often with my Bible in hand? Is my Communion more fervent? Am I more willing to forgive; more committed to Truth; more detached from earthly goods; more ready to offer a word of hope to others in need; do I view Heaven as my ‘true country’ the true goal of my earthly journey? Praying the Rosary makes a difference!

United in humble, constant, holy prayer,
Your devoted Sisters in Fatima

Restoring the Order

“If the great event of the Second Vatican Council was a breath of the Spirit that has blown into the world through the windows of the Church, then we need to recognize that a lot of worldliness has also blown in with the Spirit, creating a current and blowing the leaves all over. We’ve seen everything, and yet nothing has been lost, but order must patiently be restored. Order is restored above all by strongly affirming the primacy of the Risen Christ, present in the Eucharist. There is a great peaceful battle to be waged which is that of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, so that the entire world can become part of a network of prayer. United to the Holy Rosary, in which we reflect on the salvific mysteries of Christ together with Mary, this will generate and develop a movement of reparation and penetration.”
Cardinal Mauro Piacenza
Prefect of Sacred Cong.
of the Clergy, Oct. 2011



    World Youth Day and Fatima    

For thousands of young people from North and South America on their way to Madrid for World Youth Day last August the first stop was Fatima. (We learned that thousands also visited Lourdes!) Their intention was to greet Our Lady on the way towards the great encounter with Christ at World Youth Day with the Holy Father. Three groups of youth from USA found our Monastery and so we had the opportunity to share with them a little about our way of life and to offer vocation literature to them. They listened intently and asked well -thought- out questions. For some it was a surprise to see that Nuns could be happy and joyful even when they live inside the monastery all the time!
Speaking to young religious the Holy Father described “...the contemplative
life, which welcomes into its cloisters the word of God in eloquent silence and adores his beauty in the solitude which he alone fills...”
We were deeply grateful to read the words of Archbishop Antonio Maria Rouca Varela of Madrid in an address of thanks given a few days after WYD concluded. He said on that occasion:“The contemplative nuns, with their spousal love of Jesus Christ the Lord, were the main and indispensable instruments of the hidden role of the Holy Spirit, enormously critical to the real success of World Youth Day in Madrid: the success of grace and holiness.”
We continue to pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of all
of our young people so they may follow the vocation He has planned for them.

“Do you have a desire to consecrate your life
to God for the salvation of souls
following the example of St. Dominic?”





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