Part III - Fr. Saintourens Becomes a Dominican

Now known in religion as Fr. Damien Marie he wrote in his journal:

26 January 1869

“Three months ago today I began my Novitiate. I am still very happy. Not for

 a minute have I regretted leaving all for God…”

10 October 1869

“…To be a truly apostolic man, to open to souls the ways of God, choice 

blessings are necessary. To obtain them, I wish to be before all a man of 

prayer, to pray and to have others pray; to practice humility, detachment, 

sacrifice, constancy and generosity, and above all, to love God. When one 

possesses this love of God, he has nothing to fear, not even those sacrifices of

 the heart which sometimes frighten us in advance. The love of God replaces 

everything, softens everything, and overflows everything. When love of 

God inundates the soul, its illuminating force enables one to see everything 

in its true light. This is what takes place in Heaven for the elect, and even on 

earth for those who give themselves without reserve…”

25 November 1869

“…There exists a beautiful devotion which I did not know about before 

entering the Order; I became acquainted with it during my simple Novitiate. 

This is the Perpetual Rosary…”

4 April 1870

“When in days gone by, I made the resolution to preach devotion to the 

Rosary, I did not think that a day would come when I would engage the 

faithful to rise at night to recite it. Oh! wonderful work! How does it happen 

that this devotion is not better known in the world? It does not require too 

much, an hour of prayer each month, any hour at choice to be kept at home 

or in the church. What must be done during the hour? Recite the fifteen 

mysteries of the Rosary. This is the simplest and easiest of prayers. More 

than ever I resolve to preach and organize the Perpetual Rosary.”

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