Spiritual Benefits


Mary’s greatest desire is to lead us to Jesus. In the prayer of the Rosary 

is not Jesus found at the center of every Ave? The motive then, which 

prompts one to join the Perpetual Rosary Association, is spiritual. It is to 

unite our prayers with others in praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary and 

through her to the Most Holy Trinity. United, we pray for all the needs of 

the Church, of the world and of each individual member of the 


The spiritual benefits of membership are, therefore, both 

personal and universal. They include:

1 - UNION WITH CHRIST THROUGH MARY: “Whosoever will find Mary will 

find Life, that is, Jesus Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.”(St. Louis de 

Montfort, True Devotion Nº 50). Speaking of Mary, the Fathers of the Second Vatican 

Council said: “Devoutly meditating on her and contemplating her in the light of the Word 

made man, the Church reverently penetrates more deeply into the great mystery of the 

Incarnation…and when she is the subject of preaching and worship she prompts the faithful 

to come to her Son, to his sacrifice and to the love of the Father” (Vatican Council II, LG, 


Mary is the Mother of Christ and our Mother. Nothing pleases her more than to have her 

children know and love her Son. In Fatima, Our Lady assured Lucia of her continual 

presence, love and guidance when she said: “Do not lose heart. I will never forsake you. My 

Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God” (13 July 1917). 

These words are meant for all, who look to Mary as the Mother and most excellent disciple of


2 - CONTINUAL, UNITED PRAYER: The spiritual bond between members assures each 

one of continual remembrance in the powerful prayer of the Rosary throughout life and after 

death. Jesus has told us: “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there 

in the midst of them” (Mt 18:20). Commenting on this passage St. Thomas Aquinas said: “…

it is impossible that the entreaties of a multitude be not heard if they form a single prayer by 

uniting their pleas.” In the Acts of the Apostles we read: “Peter, was well guarded in prison, 

but there was a continual stream of prayer going up to God on his behalf…Suddenly an 

angel of the Lord stood over him, and a light shone in his cell…Now I can tell for certain, he 

said, that the Lord has sent his angel, to deliver me…” (Acts12: 5,7,11).

Herein lies one of the secrets of the efficacy of the Perpetual Rosary. Far from being a prayer 

of one individual, it forms an immense spiritual association with members spread 

throughout the world.

3 - ROSARY CONFRATERNITY: All members are inscribed in the Confraternity of the 

Holy Rosary. This allows them to share in all the spiritual merits and indulgences, which 

members of the Dominican Order and the Association acquire before God, by their prayers, 

penances and good works.

4 - EVANGELIZATION: Each member of the Church is called by his/her Baptism to 

evangelize — to proclaim the message of the Gospel. But, as Pope John Paul II has said: 

“There can be no evangelization without contemplation”. 

‘Without contemplation’ simply means, without prayer in our life, without a deep 

personal relationship with Christ. Therefore, the meditative prayer of the Rosary lends itself 

beautifully to the mission of evangelization.

This prayer invites us to ponder, in company with Mary, the Mysteries of Christ found in 

the Gospel. Mary, “who shines forth to the whole community of the elect as the model of 

virtues”(LG, Nº 65), teaches us what it means to be a disciple of Christ. And, little by little, 

the faithful Rosarian begins to manifest in his or her daily life the faith, hope and love of the 

Christian calling. For this very reason, the Holy Rosary has for centuries been most useful to 

missionaries as an instrument of evangelization. Noted preachers have said: “To preach the 

Rosary is to preach the Gospel!”

5 - FRIENDS OF FATIMA: Members of the Rosary Association receive a copy of this 

small newsletter, which is published by our Monastery twice each year.



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