Perpetual Rosary Association

More than one hundred years ago our Founder, Fr. Damien Marie 

Saintourens, O.P., wrote the following in his Journal:

“…When in days gone by, I made the resolution to preach devotion to the 

Rosary, I did not think that a day would come when I would engage the 

faithful to rise at night to recite it. Oh, wonderful work! How does it 

happen that this devotion is not better known in the world? It does not 

require too much, an hour of prayer each month, any hour at choice, to 

be kept at home or in church. What must be done during the hour? Recite

 the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary. This is the simplest and easiest of prayers — 

more than ever I resolve to preach and organize the Perpetual Rosary.” (4 April 1870)

And, one hundred years later, Fr. Aniceto Fernandez, O.P., Master General of the 

Dominican Order, affirmed once again the relevance and richness of this beautiful devotion:

“…the Perpetual Rosary Association responds fully to the needs of our days…This 

Association, while increasing and working amidst the Christian people, intends to stimulate 

souls to personal prayer, to an intimate living contact with Mary, with Christ and with the 

Father, through the meditative recitation of the Rosary. In a world which grows more and 

more agitated, distracted and which tends more and more towards exterior, sensible 

realities, members of the Perpetual Rosary affirm the supremacy of spiritual values.” (4 July



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